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The Totton Conservative Club has been represented in the snooker League since the 1940's.

There are 3 full size snooker tables available in

the club.

Sports & Social Club Leagues

Snooker Leagues

One Snooker team represents the Club:

The 'A' Team play in the Premier Division

The Current Snooker 'C' Team members are:

Dave Miell (Capt), Les Castle, Steve Bridge, John Illston, Steve Blackmore, Richard Cooper, Dan Skalski, Kevin Loveless, Dean Rutter & Rob Smith


The Snooker team games are playing in the Southampton & District Social Clubs League

Pool Team

We have 3 Pool Teams

Tuesday - Division 1

Martin SInclair (Capt), Steve Bagley, Ashley Weatherhead, Ashley Williams, Michael Wakefield.



Totton Con Club A - Div 2

Steve Bridge (Capt), John Illston, Dave Bell-Jack, Gary Green, Rob Smith, Rob Bray, Trevor Simes


Totton Con Club B - Div 3

Rick Morris (Capt), Dawn Morris, Steve Bagley, Ashley Weatherhead, Martin Sinclair, Bobbly Connolly


The Pool team games play in the Southern Regional Pool League 

Cribbage League

We are looking to start a new Crib Team to play against other Clubs and Pubs.

If you are interested in forming either a Ladies or Men's Cribbage Team, please contact the Club Secretary or leave your name and contact details at the Bar

Darts and Pool

If your interested in forming either a Ladies or Men's Darts team or Pool Team or Snooker Team, please contact

the Club Secretary

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